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Scale Office 365 with Confidence

A governance tool that helps you manage the clutter that gets created when you scale Office 365.

Making Office 365 Governance Simpler

Control Office 365 resource sprawl

When resources are created by business users and not just IT, why doesn’t your governance work that way?! Watchdog365 enables inclusive & decentralized governance that ensures that every user is responsible for the resources they create.


Put your governance in autopilot mode

Office 365 group governance no more a pain. Automate your Office 365 groups & teams governance by using Watchdog365 group policies.

Manage teams & groups lifecycle

Manage the workload of all your teams & groups from a single place. Create teams, create groups, clone a team and manage orphaned teams.


Reports to stay on top of your tenant

Dashboards that give you details of resource usage, activity details and insights that help you manage your Office 365 tenant securely.

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