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Gain insights into the activity of Office 365 groups.

Find inactive groups, archive or unarchive groups, delete or restore groups.

Teams Lifecycle Management

Find inactive teams archive or unarchive teams, delete or restore teams.

Delegate the decision making of what to do with unused group/team to the group/team owner(s).

Custom group policies to automate governance of groups & teams.

Displays Information about Usage of Office 365 Apps

Find orphaned groups assign new owners or retire unused groups.

Find orphaned teams assign new owners or retire unused teams.

Ability to differentiate groups and teams as part of listing page.

Though group forms the base for both groups and teams, this feature allows teams to be managed seperately because of the difference interms of workloads and operations.

Track licenses that are not in use.

Track inactive users and cut down costs by changing the licensing levels.

View & manage sites that have content shared to anonymous users.

End User can request Administrator’s approval for formation of new groups or teams providing reason and member list for creation.

Monitor & manage who outside your organization have access to your Office 365.

Anonymous Links

A bird's-eye view of all links in your O365 tenant that are shared anonymously & links without expiration.

Ability to customize the notification emails including logo, branding & content.

Add users to groups & teams by using the csv template.

Get license reports based on usage, activity & geographical distribution.

Manage teams, add or remove members & owners, transfer ownership of team, manage teams with guest users.

Create groups, Manage groups, add or remove members & owners, transfer ownership of group, manage groups with guest users.

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