Terms and Conditions


Watchdog365 combines easy governance of SharePoint & Office365 with protection of User’s Personal Information. This involves policies and procedures listed below as the Privacy Policy of Watchdog365.

1. Scope of the Privacy Policy

In complying with the End User License Agreement “EULA” of Watchdog365, the Corporate Customers consents to the collection of Personal Information for Business Operations. The Privacy Policy of Watchdog365 also governs the collection of cookies.

2. List of Compliances

Watchdog365 complies with

  • Data protection laws which apply to Watchdog365
  • Industry Standard related to data confidentiality, information security and protection

Personal Information collected by Watchdog365 is protected by security procedures equivalent to those applied for Watchdog365 itself.

3. What does Personal Information entail?

Personal Information may include:

  • Email Addresses
  • Contact details
And other ones connected to any real person. Any information that doesn’t match this criterion does not qualify as Personal Information.

4. Product related Personal Information

To provide the product in accordance with EULA, Watchdog365 uses Customer’s Personal information, which is used for the following reasons:

  • Creation, establishment and administration of Customer product subscription
  • Providing Product and Customer Support
  • Analysis of User behaviour and improvisation of product features
  • Meeting the legal, regulatory and contractual requirements for the said product
  • Conducting surveys for feedbacks about product quality and services
  • Offering additional products

5. Website related Personal Information

Watchdog365 checks websites and collects User Information for:

  • User Inquiries surrounding Watchdog365, reception of newsletters or the downloading of documentation.
  • Trial Request, Demo Request, Product Request.
  • Website Personalization.
  • Technical Information pertaining to IP Address, Cookies, Operating System, Language, Location, Device and Browser used.
  • Page views, time spent on the said website and source.
  • Advertising on third party websites through AdWords.
  • Cookies for Internet based advertising,
  • Cookies, as always, can be blocked through settings
  • Third party websites may have a separate Privacy Policy
  • Watchdog365 will get in touch with third party websites and obtain data based on permissions.

6. Where do we share Personal Information ?

Watchdog365 stays away from trading personal information to third party sites:

  • Watchdog365 does not grant third party services providers the access to personal information .
  • Watchdog365 may disclose personal information based on a request from legal or governmental authority. In such cases, Watchdog365 will send a notification to the customer. Watchdog365 will cooperate with Customer in such defense of action.
  • Watchdog365 may allow a third party some access to personal information strictly for Business transactions and finance; beyond this the personal information is securely erased from third party site.

7. How secure is the Personal Information?

Watchdog365 stores and processes the personal information adhering to industry security standards. Watchdog365 has implemented the following security procedures:

  • Ensuring confidentiality of the personal information by safeguarding Technical and physical security.
  • Security from unauthorized users, viruses or malware to preventing threats to its own systems.
  • All authorized access to personal information will be either technical or business related.

8. In case of an incident..

In the off chance of a compromise in security, Watchdog365 will notify the said customer. Also, Watchdog365 shall step in with remedial actions and take restorative measures.

9. Need Clarification? Contact us!

Any clarification regarding the Privacy policy of Watchdog365 shall be cleared through email: contact@watchdog365.com.

10. Privacy Policy Updates

Watchdog365 has a Privacy Policy which is subject to change in accordance to the latest standards of safety and security.