How to revoke access to the watchdog365 enterprise app from azure portal

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam

If at any point of time you wish to remove Watchdog365’s access to your Office 365 tenant you can do so by removing the “Watchdog365” app from your Azure portal. This would revoke all the access that you have consented during the activation of the product to your tenant.

1. Login to Azure portal using https://portal.azure.com with your admin credentials.

2. Navigate to Enterprise applications.

3. The "All Applications” tab would list all the third-party applications that your have consented access to.

4. You can search for the app "Watchdog365" and select it.

5. Now you would be redirected to the overview page where you can see the details of the app.

To remove the app and its access just hit "Delete".

This would remove the app from your tenant and Watchdog365 will no longer be able to access any of your tenant data.